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"That Star"

Matthew 2:11 "When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy."

"They" are the wise men in this verse. We can learn a lesson from them today. They saw a sign, a star, and they were joyful. Are you joyful when God shows you a sign? Or do you need to see the real deal? Do you need to hold the real deal or even more? Do signs from God bring you joy? One of my favorite signs is the cross. Always brings me joy. Another is His Name, whenever I hear it I rejoice. What does it take to bring you joy? How about exceeding joy? Something simple? Something symbolic? Something inspiring? I seem to be moved to joy recently over any sign, symbol or reference to God or my faith. I hope everything about God will bring you joy. Join me in noticing and receiving joy whenever possible. All things are possible with Him.

Pastor Fred 

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